How to write a book

How to Write a Book… On the Side


How to Write a Book on the Side details the steps, obstacles and inspirations required to succeed in getting your book in print.

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How to Write a Book on the Side

How to write a book

You are not alone. Many, many people yearn to express themselves
through writing. A huge factor, however, is time constraints. Writing
6 takes time, and time in modern life is at a premium.

What’s more, most writers also have a day job. I am going to teach you how to work around
that. I worked full time while writing both of my books, which were published by traditional well known publishers. If I can do it, so can you.

How to Write a Book on the Side (55 pages)

Chapters include:
Writing without Quitting Your Day Job
A How-to for Writing a Book in Your Spare Time
Chapter 1: The Idea that Won’t Let Go
It’s Almost like Being in Love
Chapter 2: Planning and Plotting
Chapter 3: Layout of the Content
Chapter 4: Identifying the Key Message of the Book
Chapter 5: Finding the Time
Chapter 6: The Writing Environment
It Doesn’t Have to Be Fancy
Psychological Prep of Your Writing Space
Chapter 7: Joining a Writers’ Support Group



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