How to get your book published…on the side


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How to get your book published…on the side

How to Get Your Book Published

How to get your book published…on the side

Once you have written a book, the inevitable next step looms before you: how to get your book published and out there for the world to see. Although writing is in itself a satisfying pursuit, very few of us are satisfied with the act of writing alone, especially once we have finished our masterpiece. Most of us want to take the logical next step: we want our work to be read and, hopefully, appreciated. Many of us dream about our work becoming popular enough among readers that we can write for a living. Publishing is a way to get our work out into the world, where our ideas can speak to—and hopefully influence—others. Publishing is a way of making our voices heard.

Part I: The Traditional or “Legacy” Route of Publication
Getting an Agent
Accepting Rejection with Aplomb
The Gold Medal Secret to Getting an Agent
Part II: Non-Traditional or Indie Publishing: a Sea Change
in How Books Are Made and Distributed
Getting Started with Self-Publishing
One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words



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