Share Your Story. Elevate Your Brand. Become a Published Author

Step1: Find Your Voice, Create a Following

Understand your message and get to know your audience.

How to Start Your Blog

How to Start Your Blog (DVD)

In this E-Book and Video you’ll learn how to start a blog specifically designed for someone like you – the writer (on the side). All the practical elements are laid out in detail so that you can get your blog up and running within an hour! Want to get started? You can buy “How to Start Your Blog On the Side” here.

Step 2: Start Writing

Find your unique topic, dedicate short bursts of time and ignore the internal critic

How to Write Your Book

Do you want to share your story with the world? Are you a writer? Do you think in stories?

Do you see a little incident in the park while you are jogging by, and your mind begins to create a scenario, characters, a theme, and the next thing you know you are dreaming of accepting the Academy Award for the Best Adaptation of a Novel to a Screenplay—your novel? Ah, you are a writer at heart!

If so, take a look at this video and then buy the book.

How to write a bookIn this E-Book, I will show you how to begin writing, squeezing in moments of creativity even during your busiest time. The key is to dedicate chunks of writing time and find a comfortable writing place.

In this E-Book, I have shared the tips, ideas and a plan for you to begin getting your ideas on paper. You don’t have to be a professional writer to become an author and in this E-Book, I will show you how.

Step 3: Get Your Book Published

Develop your book into a compelling story for publishers.

How to Get Your Book Published…on the side

 This e-book lays out the step by step process for how to get your idea from your computer to the hands of your readers. In this e-book, you’ll learn:
  • What’s in a book proposal
  • The pros and cons of self publishing versus traditional publishing
  • The world of literary agents
  • Selling
  • Social Media
  • Building a platform

Navigating the world of publishing can be overwhelming. Do you self-publish? How do you find a literary agent? What’s in a book proposal?

In this E-Book, I have laid out easy step by step specifics on writing a book proposal, finding a literary agent and if you choose the route – how to self publish your book. Even if you’re working full time, it is possible to get your idea put into a book that is published for the world to read.

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“Share your story with the world. Move forward and write your book today!”

-Bob Miglani

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